NBMA Open House for Current and Prospective Students

Saturday, August 3rd 1-4 pm

Current students are asked to come and play one or two piano pieces and to bring their registration forms and fees for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Prospective students are invited to come and observe and ask questions about my program and hopefully will be able to complete registration and start the scheduling process.

Light refreshments will be served.  Hope to see you there!


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Welcome to “Nina Belle’s Music Academy”!

A long held desire of mine has been to operate a music academy where I can teach classes of individual piano lessons, group piano lessons, and general music classes.

After a lot of encouragement from colleagues and family members, I decided that the time was NOW.  I have leased commercial property in downtown Georgetown and have begun the transition.

To see more about “Nina Belle’s Music Academy” got to

I look forward to working with my current students and LOTS of new students.  I will be posting pictures of the academy  as well as information concerning the types of classes I will be teaching.

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2011 Georgetown Federation Piano Festival

Congratulations to all students who participated in the festival today!  I was so proud of how well my students performed!  Thanks to each of you for all of the extra time and effort it took to prepare and to perform.

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2011 Pre-festival Recital

We had a very nice recital in preparation for the upcoming Federated Piano Festival! Way to go “Master Musicians” Class!

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Summer is over…..Fall lessons are beginning!

This summer went by way too quickly but I did have a good summer of lessons, musical performances, and vacation.  All that is left is getting my son ready to move in to college and get my fall schedule arranged.  If you are interested in lessons please contact me by email and I will give you more information.  I like to schedule an interview with each prospective student and a parent.  This is to give both parties a chance to meet and discuss lessons and expectations.  Check out the rest of the website to get more information.  I look forward to getting back with former students and beginning teaching relationships with new students!

Some of my favorite pictures from the summer:

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2014 Summer Piano Camps

2014 Summer Piano Camps

Information flyer

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April 15, 2014 · 3:50 pm

March Group/Ensemble Lesson

Today we had our March Group/Ensemble Lesson with all but one student in attendance!  We had a wonderful lesson, beginning with warming up at the keyboards, group scale playing, ear training,and  “following a conductor” practice.

Next we rehearsed Fresh Start which we’ve been working on since January.  We then worked on Lullabye which was begun in February, and got started working on Allegro.  All in all, the students did great.  Just need to practice these at home more so that working in a group goes better.

After the ensemble work, each student played a solo of their own choosing.  They were told that they could use that solo for one of their May Review pieces!   Speaking of May Review, students should begin choosing their 5 May Review pieces to memorize.  Students may choose recital pieces, festival pieces,  or any other pieces they have worked on since they began lessons with me in the 2010-2011 year. One of the pieces chosen will be performed at the May Recital!  Get busy everyone!

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February Group Lesson and Recital

Tuesday, February 22, we will have our February Ensemble/Group Lesson.  It is currently scheduled to begin at 5:00 pm and will be at my house.  I’m still waiting to hear from several to see if a start time of 5:30 will work for everyone.  Please let me know asap so I can make a confirmation of the time.

All students are expected to attend and participate.  We will rehearse a short time on our ensemble pieces and each student will  also play 2 solo pieces.   These same two solo pieces will also be performed at the Annual Pre-Festival Recital.  This is scheduled for SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27th AT 3:00 PM at Faith Baptist Church.  Students will announce the pieces and play both pieces that have been prepared for the Georgetown Federated Piano Festival.  Five of my eight students have prepared for the festival, the other three will play the two pieces they have prepared for the recital.

See you all on Tuesday, February 22, the exact time yet to be determined.

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