General Information


The Teacher. Mrs. Durr graduated from Washington County High School, Springfield, Kentucky and received the Bachelor of Music Education degree  from Georgetown College  the Master of Church Music degree in piano pedagogy from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.   She is a certified piano teacher through Kentucky Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association. She has a current Rank II teacher certification in music by the Kentucky Board of Education.

The Lessons. A regular semester of private piano study consists of 17 weeksand conforms in most cases to the major holidays and vacations of the Scott County School System.  Piano study consists of an average of 3 weekly private sessions per month (45 minute regular individual lesson, followed by 15-minutes of technology/lab time) and one monthly ensemble lesson.


The Technology/Lab Time. Following each private lesson students will be allowed a 15-minute lab time to be used primarily with the electronic keyboards and computer.  This time will be used to practice concepts from the lesson, work on the use of the keyboard technology as well as time for improvisation and composition. It is an enjoyable and practical way to reinforce and test the concepts taught in the piano lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to complete the semester begun.  In the case of students beginning late in the term, a minimum of 4 months study is required.  If with sufficient reason a students elects to terminate his/her study before the end of a semester, 4 weeks written notice should be given to the teacher from the person responsible for tuition payment.  However, no refunds will be given.





It is the responsibility of the student to be at all scheduled lessons, including ensemble lessons and to be on time in arriving and leaving the studio.  Missed lessons by the student will NOT be rescheduled or refunded.  Scheduled lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled.  Absences due to snow will be rescheduled possibly in the form of extra ensemble lessons.  (Please assume that I am teaching even on snow days—call if you are unsure.)  If for ANY reason it is impossible to be at a scheduled lesson, PLEASE inform the teacher 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible before the scheduled lesson.  The academy number is 502-863-1188. (When convenient it is also acceptable to trade times with another student.)


Materials are selected and in most cases purchased by the teacher.  Payment is due within one week of the receipt of materials. Examples of materials include:

Method books- technic, theory, solos

Assignment/practice record book

Supplementary materials

Folder/bag for storing and transporting

Pencil—NOT an ink pen!



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