Tuition and Materials Fees



Please understand that your fee covers more than just the weekly private lesson.  You are paying for the total piano program offered the students including recitals, ensemble lessons, technology/lab time, festivals, etc. (Additional fees for festival and/or contests are based upon the organization sponsoring the event.)

TECHNOLOGY/REGISTRATION FEE– An annual, NON-REFUNDABLE fee  will be due upon enrollment in lessons.  It is due with the return of the registration and schedule preference forms.

TUITION- The total tuition fee, based upon  approximately 34 actual weeks of study, is  for 45 minutes of weekly private piano instruction and the 15-minute technology session. (It is designed to cover the total music instruction of the student each month—regardless of the number of weeks in a particular month.

Payments will be due the first lesson of the year and thereafter the first of month—you may pay the tuition in 1, 2, or 9payments–contact teacher for actual fees. Tuition will be considered past due if not paid by the second lesson of the due month. (Summer fees are considered separately.)

MATERIALS- Other charges for books and materials used by the student will be the responsibility of the student.  The total amount of each purchase is due within one week of receipt of a written statement of purchase.

Please contact the teacher for more information concerning fees.



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