2008 Federated Festival

The 2008 Festival was held over a 3 day period due to an early festival and two make-up days due to snow.  The event was held at Georgetown Baptist Church.  Below are pictures of all of the students…see if you can find yourself!73-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-01-pm-003_edited153-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-10-am-006_edited103-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-04-pm-009_edited93-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-03-pm-008_edited83-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-02-pm-005_edited63-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-1050-am-008_edited43-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-0910-am004_edited133-08-festival-pictures-3-22-08-0830-am-002_edited23-08-festival-pictures-3-16-08-008-2_edited13-08-festival-pictures-3-02-08-002_edited


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