Practice Expectations

Lessons should not be considered practice sessions, but attendance is expected even if home practice was minimal. Successful progress cannot be made without sufficient practice.  Therefore, each student is expected to practice regularly. This is a TEAM EFFORT, the teacher is the coach, students are the players and parents are the cheerleaders/managers!  Each must do his/her job!! Parents and student are equally responsible that sufficient practice occurs weekly.  The teacher will determine a minimum amount of daily practice time for each student.

The actual time practiced is to be recorded daily in the assignment record book and brought to the weekly lesson with the parent’s signature. It is the student’s responsibility to check each item practiced and to record the weekly total on the student and studio practice record chart.  Parents should evaluate progress after each lesson by noticing how much of the assignment is repeated and why.  Insufficient preparation for more than 2 lessons in any given month of lesson MAY result in termination of lessons!


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